What you will need to begin cloning:

  • Parent plant-it is best if this plant exhibits fast growth, high potency, and resistance to mold and pesticides.
  • Styrofoam plates
  • Small tray-this needs to hold about 3 inches of water.
  • An aquarium air pump-this will attach to the tray.
  • Rooting hormone-liquid form.
  • High P fertilizer
  • Fluorescent lights-hung 7 inches from the plant tops.

What are Marijuana Clones?

A clone is a small piece of a plant that is cut off of another plant and then given the opportunity to grow on its own.  Each clone is an exact genetic replica of its parent plant.  Therefore, if you clone a female plant, you are guaranteed to grow female plants.  This is an easy way to grow consistent samples without having to worry about male plants or seeds.  Another added benefit is that each clone is already a mature plant, so the flowering process can begin right away, which saves time.

Keep in mind that cloning the same plant, or clones of that plant, more than 3 times increases the chance of problems arising.  After so much cloning, a plant may show hermaphroditic characteristics and will decrease in quality.